What The Duck Title Sequence


What The Duck is a short film about a young man that is driven to madness when rubber ducks are endlessly being mailed to his home. The following title concept represents distinctive quirks that make up the film.

This title sequence I designed and animated, is based upon how the ducks are being delivered, which is through the mailbox. The credits are composited over live action shots of an array of envelopes, utility bills, and letters. The typography of each letter of the credits is playfully animated into place, a reflection of the protagonist slowly going mad. There will be an abundance of ducks throughout the sequence, a sense of claustrophobia is evident when viewing the frames.

The music is very upbeat and fun, but when combined with the quirky sound effects, it creates an unsettling feeling. The lighting and color scheme is warm and emits a false sense of security for the audience. Overall, this title sequence may seem fun and cheery at first glance, but beneath the surface something much more sinister awaits the viewers.


Produced by Eric Moore
Starring Geran Daniels
Cinematography Benjamin Eades
Stereoscopic Supervisor Luke Culleny
Edited by Eric Moore
Gaffer Justin Yard
Assistant Camera Moira Burke
Title Designer Moira Burke
Directed by Eric Moore
What The Duck Logo
SCAD Logo and Copyright

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Title Sequence First Version
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