Gilligan’s Island Show Package & Title Sequence

Gilligan’s Island Title Sequence

Gilligan’s Island Show Package


The nature of this project was to create a broadcast show package and title sequence. A show package is the graphic container for the show which includes show opener, lower thirds, graphic transitions, mortises, as well as backgrounds that pertain to the show. The TV series selected is Gilligan’s Island.

Having designed and animated myself, the concept behind the show package and title sequence for Gilligan’s Island is bringing this timeless piece into the contemporary era. The style that was used was collage, creating a nostalgic scrapbook setup for returning audience members, in addition to a more modern take for new viewers.

Collage Reference
Original Title Sequence
Name Tag Assets
Title Sequence First Version
Title Sequence Final Version
Transition 1
Transition 2
Bump In
Bump Out
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