Atlanta Lab Rescue 5K Campaign

Atlanta Lab Rescue 5K Sponsor Promo

Atlanta Lab Rescue 5K Registration Promo


Wanting to give back to the community, these series of videos were made to spark a campaign for the Atlanta Lab Rescue 5K charity event. Their 5K was the primary source for this non-profit and depended on the earnings from the sponsors, volunteers, and registered runners to further sustain their program of helping rescued labs in the Atlanta area.

Having solely a logo and pictures of past 5K events, producing videos that was informative but also reflected the brand by being welcoming and family friendly was key in this process. The use of watercolor developed a lighthearted tone, while balancing the brand’s identity of using their black and red color scheme. Researching and selecting the fonts Gloucester MT Extra Condensed and Haettenschweiler were used to accent the original font within the logo.

Original Logo
Typography Used
Gif Promo For Halloween
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