Film Work

From fiction to non-fiction, everyone has a story to tell.

Inspire Fest 2019 Recap

Filmed, edited, and did the motion design for the recap video of Inspire Fest, Inspire Brands first open house welcoming team members and their families. Full story at Inspire Stories.

Sonic Drive-In Team Member Recognition

Filmed, edited, and did the motion design for a team member recognition video for Sonic Drive-In. Full story at Inspire Stories.

Inspire Brands Cristo Rey Draft Day Recap

This montage I had edited and did the motion design for was used to announce and celebrate the high school students from Cristo Rey that got hand picked, or “drafted,” to work with Inspire Brands. This montage was a delicate balance between showcasing all of the brands equally, while also bringing a high energy experience for Cristo Rey high school. Full story at Inspire Stories.

Thank You From Buffalo Wild Wings

Filmed, edited, and did the motion design for this heartfelt thank you message president Lyle Tick wanted to convey and share with fellow Buffalo Wild Wings team members throughout the restaurant system.

Ookee Abstract Film

Filmed and editing this abstract film that depicts the essence of what artist Duff Yong’s “ookee” is.

Buffalo Wild Wings National Chicken Wing Day

Filmed, edited, and did the motion design for Buffalo Wild Wings promotion during National Chicken Wing Day where Executive Chef Jamie showcases the different ways a person could make chicken wings at home. Full story at Inspire Stories.

Family Like Mine

This documentary I edited is about children gro­wing up with same sex parents in a society where homosexu­ality is a contestant topic of controversy. This heart-warming story follows the director’s search of self-discovery as well as telling the stories of other same sex families like her own. As the story manifests in the editing room for documentaries, this was a unique challenge of how to display the content as well as compiling the physical structure of the film.

The Voices Behind ALS

A documentary I edited following the lives of several patients with varying degrees of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and spreading awareness of Lou Gehrig’s disease.


This time period short film I edited portrays a young woman who refuses to accept her fiance’s death after word comes that he had been killed in action during World War II. This period piece holds a strong narrative on the inner turmoil the protagonist has. The most thought-provoking edited sequences that best exemplify Penelope’s character arch was seeing her love off at the train station, her reflection of him being one, and her elec­tric shock therapy.

City of Tombstones

This short documentary I edited illustrates the story of the previous capital of Georgia, Milledgeville, and how the scars of the civil war affect the town; as well as highlighting how the town had one the biggest mental institutions in the nation.

Life After Death

This short coming of age story I filmed follows a sister in a post apocalyptic world where she tries to survive while caring for her zombie younger brother.

Family Like Mine Trailer

A trailer about a documentary I edited depicting the struggles of same sex couples adopting children.

Film Editing Demo Reel

Film Editing Reel spanning from narrative to documentary pieces.

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