Mystic Hour Studio

Mystic Hour Studio is a newly launched brand that specializes in producing fine jewelry and abstract works of art that are influenced by pop culture; specifically with anime, comic book, film, and video game genres. By providing goods that are chic and sophisticated and that appeal to a broad market, the brand hopes to elevate lifestyle of every customer with subtle high end decor and accessories.

The primary emphasis of Mystic Hour Studio is using alcohol ink and polymer clay to produce distinctive and ethereal designs that stand out from other art forms. Overall, the brand uses its high-end goods to elevate the way customers accessorize and embody their favorite pop culture genre. This ethereal array of art will continue to grow daily and will be posted on our social media channels.

Alcohol Ink Abstract Art

Utilizing alcohol-based pigments, the painting process known as alcohol ink enables a variety of fluid painting techniques on non-absorbent surfaces. Because of their vibrant colors and ease of manipulation, these paints can be used to produce a variety of designs, including swirls, blotches, and marbling patterns. For special effects, the method can also be applied to absorbent surfaces. Overall, drawing with alcohol ink is flexible and imaginative.

Jewelry Collection

Polymer clay earrings are handcrafted earrings made of a substance similar to clay. PVC, a plasticizer, and a pigment make up polymer clay, which comes in a variety of hues and brands, each with its own special qualities. These earrings are a fantastic alternative for those who favor statement earrings but are put off by their weight because they are strong, long-lasting, and lightweight. Polymer clay earrings are slightly bendable, non-toxic, and because they are handmade, every piece is unique.


I exhibit at a variety of festivals and events, ranging from comic cons to artist markets. My setup is designed to be easily adaptable to the given layout of each venue. I have successfully showcased my work in both a 10×10 workspace and a 6ft table showcase, demonstrating my versatility as an exhibitor. Feel free to reach out if you wish for me to vend at one of your events!

Social Media Handles

As Mystic Hour Studio continues to build out the brand with future collections, follow us on our social accounts to show your support!

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