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Textures of the Day

In visual effects the concept of having authentic textures for CG objects can make or break the realism of the environment. Using macro photography, there are a diverse collection of textures that range from all over the world. By posting one texture a day on Instagram,Twitter, and Facebook individuals can look at everyday surroundings with a new perspective.

If you continuously scroll through my Instagram feed below, you would see a peculiar comic I post every Sunday around Halloween. In addition to posting a texture a day I wanted to challenge my storytelling skills, landing within the realm of writing comics. Being able to create a full story arch in 4-5 panels (with a decent punch-line) for a comic is an endeavor I love to take on every week. The subject matter might be a bit questionable, following the tales of cult members and the shenanigans they get into, but trust me when I say this- they are just like any other nice chap you say hello to (they just might be wearing a black cloak while doing it).